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2018-2019 Outreach

MV Code Club

During the 2018 offseason, the Boba Bots visited the MV Code Club, a local computer science education program that teaches coding, game development, web development and robotics for grades K-8. The team brought the L Evader for a demonstration, as well as a presentation going over the basic aspects of robotics and engineering covered in FRC.  The team also answered questions from parents and students about the specifics of the team, and how their programming work could be applicable in the real world. By showing them our own robot code, the team hoped to inspire the students at the MV Code Club to continue working on their coding projects, and one-day program something as complex as our robot.

Millbrae National Night Out

Although the L Evader was done with official competitions, the robot was long from being retired. The Boba Bots went to the San Mateo County Fair, demonstrating alongside other FRC and FTC teams to create a robot attraction in the technology zone. The L Evader lifted power cubes onto the makeshift scale, showing off the newly repaired elevator mechanism.

Millbrae National Night Out

The first Tuesday of August is named National Night Out; an event dedicated to community-building and promoting police-community partnerships. For National Night Out 2018, the city of Millbrae hosted a movie night at the local central park. Along with a few other local organizations, the Boba Bots brought the L Evader to join the party.

Millbrae Machine

Thanks to the Millbrae Lions Club, one of our amazing sponsors, we were able to have a spot at the Millbrae Machines Motor Show to demonstrate our robot. We set up at a booth provided by the Millbrae Lions Club and promoted FIRST, driving our robot and providing information about the organization to the people enjoying the show. This was a great opportunity to increase our presence in our community, and further our goal of promoting STEM involvement in our community.

Other Outreach:

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