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2020-2021 Outreach

Challenge Reveal Night

In March, we held a Challenge Reveal Night to all the parents and sponsors! Each department gave a season recap, and we even had new members recall their favorite memories of the season! Then, we revealed the game and product we made this season, OCEAN COMMOTION and T. E. A. Band and App! You can learn more about those on the ROBOTS page!

Then, we had a trivia game, with questions regarding this season and our team! The top 3 winners recieved some free merchandise from the team!

Mills High School Club Faire

Every year, Mills holds a club fair, giving various clubs a chance to advertise their purpose and function to students. This year, because of the pandemic, we were unable to drive the robot around like usual. Instead, we gave a brief presentation about our team and showed off our merchandise to fellow students. This was a great opportunity to recruit new members into our team and teach students about robotics. 

8th Grade Night

To introduce the incoming freshmen to the campus and school organizations, Mills High School holds an annual “8th Grade Night,” allowing 8th graders from local middle schools to get a glimpse of the student life at Mills. This year, 8th Grade Night was held over zoom. Our team, along with a few other clubs at gave a presentation to parents and the 8th graders, letting them know about our team, our different departments, and more. This was a great way to advertise our team.


Over the summer, we conducted our SMART summer program, where upcoming 6th to 9th graders were able to learn skills from our department leads and captains!

Check out our other outreach events:

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