Vision, Autonomous, and Controls


Our Programming department is led by James and Max, along with assistant lead, Ronit. Their department gets the robot running and under control. They use the WPILib to create programs to run sensors, motors, cameras, and more in order to get every function of the robot under control by a few joysticks. In FIRST games, games start with a short period where the robot is automated. James and Max's team also programs that. Their department works closely with Electronics, who work with the more physical parts of getting the robot running. 


The foundation of the robot


The Construction department is led by Isabel, along with assistant lead, Eisig.  They focus on the physical mechanisms of the robot. Construction members use Solidworks, a computer-aided design program, and learn to work with wood, plastics, and metal to prototype and fabricate the parts. The department then assembles the drivetrain and subassemblies of the robot, which can include elevators, arms, or any other mechanism required to complete the annual challenge. 


Motors, Sensors, and Pneumatics


Our Electronics department is led by Charli, along with assistant leads, Charles and Kyle.  They deal with the inner workings of the robot, including the motors, wires, batteries, sensors, and pneumatics. During the build season, Electronics works on designing and building a control system, wiring the component, and efficiently delivering power to the various mechanisms of the robot. 


Branding, Funding, and Imagery


The Operations side of the team is lead by Operations Captain, Alyssa, and Operations Assistant Captain, Katie.  This department focuses on all the non-technical aspects of the team, from fundraising and reaching out to potential sponsors, to maintaining the social media and organizing outreach events.  Our Operations department won the imagery award at CalGames 2019 and 2020!

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