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The Boba Bots

Team 253, the Boba Bots, is a non-profit FIRST FRC (First Robotics Competition) team representing Mills High School. Our team has been fully led and organized by high school students since 1998. We are made up of dedicated members from varying backgrounds who work to promote STEM education among youth, learn about robotics, construct a robot, and have fun while learning skills applicable to future careers. Our team has a focus on sustainability, team culture, and community impact. We strive to make sure that every member has a safe and fun environment to learn in; over the course of the Competition season our goal is for every Boba Bot to feel like the team is a second home!


The Boba Bots are committed to changing our community, one at a team. Learn more about the efforts the Boba Bots make to educate their community about Robotics and the application of STEM by clicking below!


The Boba Bots split their team into four extremely important individual departments, click below to learn about what each department does. and what makes each department unique!


The Boba Bots split their team into four extremely important individual departments, click below to learn about the people who lead these teams!

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