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2021-2022 Outreach

FLL Regional Competition

On January 30th, we gave a presentation that introduced FRC at the local Northern California FLL Qualifying Tournament. In the presentation, we gave a general introduction to FRC and highlighted the similarities and differences between FRC and FLL, how our team functions, the structure of our team, a brief break-down of what each department does, and the events that we have attended in the past. Then after the presentation we gave the attendees to ask questions regarding our team and FRC. 

Mills High School
Club Faire

During our school's annual club fair we were able to display our robot and recruit many new members. Students gathered around our robot intrigued that the robot in front of their very eyes were built by their classmates. We also passed out stickers and buttons, by the end of the club fair we gained roughly 40 new members!

San Mateo County Fair

On July 6, we set up an area on a game field in the San Mateo County Fair. On the field, we constructed a scoring tower based on the infinite recharge game, while demonstrating the engineering that went into the scoring mechanism on the robot. Participants expressed their amazement at the intricacy of the engineering that went into building the robot. They also found our demonstration of the robot and soldering to be an astonishing feat. Overall, the County Fair event was a huge success towards the public relations and perception of our robotics team. 

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