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Students Making Awesome Robotics Technology
(aka SMART)

Departments and Sign Up Process!
Our SMART Program has concluded! Check out some student work below!
We're planning to host the SMART program again this summer! We'll update this page with more information soon!

Student Work


Students learned how to create and maintain a brand!

Branding 101 Lesson

Social Media Lesson

Merch Design Lesson

Website Lesson:


Students learned about components, assembly, and computer aided design (CAD)!

SpeedCAD Lesson

Made by: Trinity Li

Circuit Board Design Lesson

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program only offered to students in Millbrae district?

Students from ANY school district can participate as long as they are upcoming 6th to 9th graders!

What amount of cost is expected?

Classes are completely FREE!

What STEM classes are being offered?

Students can choose from our 4 departments: construction, electronics, programming, and operations! Each class description is above and on the SMART flyer!

What format will the class be? Any in person activities?

All activities will be conducted in person! We'll update this page with the exact location and time soon!

What materials are needed for the class?

Students will be notified of any materials soon!

Who will teach the classes?

Classes will be taught by the leads and captains of the Boba Bots!

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